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Heptane Vs. N-Heptane: How Are They Different?

Heptane Vs. N-Heptane: The breakdown. Heptane has nine isomers including N-heptane,2 methyl hexane,2,2-dimethyl pentane,2,3-dimethyl pentane,2,4-dimethyl pentane,3,3-dimethyl pentane,3-ethyl pentane and 2,2,3-trimethyl butane.​This article aims to establish the difference between Heptane and N-heptane and explore their various uses in the chemical industry. What Is Heptane? Heptane is a colorless liquid and one…

Possible Contaminations in Ethanol

Possible contaminations in ethanol are abundant. Did you know that some notorious micro-organisms threaten to stop the production process?​In the article below, you’ll learn about those microbes. And strategies on how you can eradicate them. But first. What is Ethanol? Grain or ethyl alcohol is a colorless, volatile, and flammable…