how to ground drums. metal vs poly drums
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How to Ground Drums Containing Dangerous, Hazardous, and Flammable Chemicals: Grounding Drums 101

How to Ground Drums: When working with drums containing hazardous or flammable chemicals, proper grounding is essential for protecting personnel, preventing static discharge, and lowering the risk of explosions or fires. Grounding dissipates any static charges that accumulate during drum filling, emptying, and using of material; this tutorial explores its importance while discussing grounding techniques between metal and poly drums, providing step-by-step instructions on properly ground drums. Grounding requirements apply to class I, class II, and class III hazardous materials including (200 Proof Ethanol, 190 Proof Ethanol, n-Pentane, n-Heptane, and n-hexane) Why Is Grounding Important?