how to ground drums. metal vs poly drums

How to Ground Drums Containing Dangerous, Hazardous, and Flammable Chemicals: Grounding Drums 101

How to Ground Drums: When working with drums containing hazardous or flammable chemicals, proper grounding is essential for protecting personnel, preventing static discharge, and lowering the risk of explosions or fires. Grounding dissipates any static charges that accumulate during drum filling, emptying, and using of material; this tutorial explores its importance while discussing grounding techniques between metal and poly drums, providing step-by-step instructions on properly ground drums. Grounding requirements apply to class I, class II, and class III hazardous materials including (200 Proof Ethanol, 190 Proof Ethanol, n-Pentane, n-Heptane, and n-hexane) Why Is Grounding Important?

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Metal vs poly drums

Metal vs Plastic Drums for Chemical Storage Solutions

Metal vs plastic drums - the complete breakdown. Regarding chemical storage, selecting an appropriate container is paramount for maintaining product integrity and ensuring safety. Two popular choices for chemical storage are metal drums and poly drums - both offer their benefits and drawbacks, which must be understood before making an informed decision. We will compare metal and poly drums, compare grounding requirements between them, and explain why metal drums are often considered superior options for flammable chemicals storage. Metal vs Poly Drums: Pros and Cons Metal and plastic barrels, different types of...

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Lab n heptane vs heptane

Heptane Vs. N-Heptane: How Are They Different?

Heptane Vs. N-Heptane: How Are They Different? Heptane Vs. N-Heptane: The breakdown. Heptane has nine isomers including N-heptane,2 methyl hexane,2,2-dimethyl pentane,2,3-dimethyl pentane,2,4-dimethyl pentane,3,3-dimethyl pentane,3-ethyl pentane and 2,2,3-trimethyl butane.​This article aims to establish the difference between Heptane vs. N-heptane and explore their various uses in the chemical industry. The toxicity values for heptane and n-heptane are both high, and additional information can be found in this EPA Peer-Reviewed article. What Is Heptane? Heptane is a colorless liquid and one of the components of gasoline. It...

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laboratory n heptane vs n pentane

N-Heptane vs N-Pentane

​N-Heptane vs N-Pentane N-Heptane vs N-Pentane. You’re uncertain, aren’t you? We will help you understand the differences between N-heptane and N-pentane. The solvents are complex, and you don’t want to spend money on the wrong product. But don’t worry, we will make it simple. ​Below, you’ll learn what those non-polar solvents are and how you can use and handle them. Let’s dive in. What are Non-polar Solvents? Laboratory and industrial experts use heptane or pentane to extract or purify non-polar substances like oils or fats. The liquids are...

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Green street sign that says Benefits to demonstrate benefits of Heptane vs. Hexane vs. Pentane

Benefits of Heptane vs. Hexane vs. Pentane

Benefits of Heptane vs. Hexane vs. Pentane The solvent industry gained a 21.8 billion dollars revenue in 2020. And that amount is just the beginning. Reports project that the solvent industry will reach 30 billion dollars by 2025.​The market boom happened because of the enormous demand for solvents in cleaning, laboratory chemical application, and the making of the COVID-19 Vaccine. And in that light, this article will show you how you can benefit from using heptane, hexane, and pentane. Non-Polar Solvents Heptane, Hexane, and Pentane are all non-polar solvents.

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n-Heptane Used in mRNA Vaccine Production

The Power of n-Heptane for Vaccines

The Power of n-Heptane for Vaccines n-Heptane for Vaccines, 17.51 million people receive a COVID-19 vaccine every day. With the recent technological advancement in making vaccines, scientists claim that the mRNA vaccine is safe and effective in preventing viral infections. But did you know that scientists use a solvent known as n-Heptane for vaccines? Now you know. In the article below, you’ll know what the popular liquid is and how it plays a role in saving the world from the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s get into it.

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