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n-Heptane 99% Lab Grade (55 Gallon Drum)

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n-Hexane 97% Lab Grade

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n-Pentane 99% Lab Grade

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Welcome to Simple Solvents’ Hydrocarbons category! Here, you’ll find an array of high-grade hydrocarbon solvents such as n-heptane, n-pentane, and n-hexane that provide superior solvency in various industries. Let’s examine their similarities and differences and explore three primary uses.

N-Heptane is a clear and volatile liquid hydrocarbon with seven carbon atoms. It shares many similar molecular structures features as n-pentane and n-hexane. Still, it boasts higher boiling points and viscosities compared to both.

Due to its low polarity, n-Heptane is a widely-used nonpolar solvent for botanical and herbal extractions allowing it to efficiently extract oils, flavors, and other compounds from plant materials. Laboratory applications of n-heptane include chromatography and spectrophotometry procedures, dissolving substances during analysis procedures as a solvent for dissolution/dilution purposes, and using it as an industrial cleaning agent by dissolving grease/oil contamination on machinery parts/surfaces.

N-heptane has excellent solvent power, effectively removing contaminants from machinery/parts/surfaces; laboratory applications such as chromatography/spectrophotometry are just some of its many uses within laboratories for dissolving analytical procedures. In contrast, industrial settings commonly use its excellent solvency power to dissolve/dilute substances during analytical methods as it serves this function as well.

N-Pentane is a volatile hydrocarbon solvent with five carbon atoms. It shares many of its molecular structures and properties with n-heptane and n-hexane; however, n-pentane has lower boiling points and viscosities when compared to them.

N-Pentane is widely utilized in botanical extraction processes. Its low boiling point and volatility make it suitable for extracting essential oils, fragrances, and other valuable compounds from plant materials. Furthermore, due to its propellant capabilities, it’s frequently used as a propellant in aerosol products like spray paints, air fresheners, and insecticides, as well as blowing agents in polyurethane foam manufacturing for creating insulation materials, cushions, packaging products, etc.

N-Hexane is a colorless liquid hydrocarbon composed of six carbon atoms. Although structurally similar to n-heptane and n-pentane, its boiling point and viscosity vary slightly.

N-Hexane is widely utilized as an industrial solvent for dissolving and extracting various compounds, with applications in adhesives, coatings, rubber products production, and food industry extraction of oils from seeds and vegetables – specifically soybean and canola oil extraction. Furthermore, liquid-liquid extractions and sample preparation within analytical chemistry laboratories utilize its relatively low polarity for specific separation techniques such as liquid-liquid extraction.

Simple Solvents provides top-of-the-line hydrocarbon products and is dedicated to excellence. We have your hydrocarbon needs covered when extracting laboratory applications or industrial processes. Buy confidently, knowing you’ll receive top-quality products backed by our commitment.