Premium Chemical Solutions for the Growing Botanical Industry


The botanical industry is experiencing rapid growth, expected to rise 21.2% through 2028. At Simple Solvents, we understand the importance of offering superior-quality supplies and ingredients to keep you competitive in this thriving market. Our chemical products, including food-grade ethanol, isopropyl USP 99%, and n-hexane, provide an edge in herbal extractions, tinctures, and purification processes. Trust Simple Solvents to deliver cost-effective solutions within your timeline, so you can focus on growing your business.

200 Proof Pure Ethanol

Looking for a high-quality solvent that’s perfect for laboratory use, cleaning, disinfecting, and as a solvent for botanical oils and extracts? Look no further than 200 proof USP grade ethanol! Ethanol’s versatility makes it a practical solvent popular among scientists, researchers, and hobbyists. It’s 100% pure alcohol with no water content, making it incredibly potent and perfect for various applications.

Pharma-Grade Ethanol for Superior Botanical Extracts and Tinctures

Ethanol 200 Proof and Ethanol 190 Proof are ideal solvents for botanical extractions, ensuring the highest purity of herbal components. While Ethanol 200 Proof is perfect for obtaining the most potent extracts, Ethanol 190 Proof efficiently extracts soluble plant components, making it ideal for creating premium herbal tinctures.

Isopropyl USP 99% for Enhanced Quality and Safety

Isopropyl USP 99% is a versatile and effective solvent in botanical applications, ensuring high-quality extractions with minimal impurities. Compliant with United States Pharmacopeia standards, Isopropyl USP 99% provides added safety and confidence in the purity of your botanical extracts and tinctures.

n-Hexane for Advanced Extraction Techniques

n-Hexane is a non-polar solvent that is highly effective in extracting volatile oils and lipids. Its suitability for advanced extraction methods allows you to improve overall efficiency and product quality, giving you a competitive advantage in the fast-growing botanical industry.

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