If you’re looking for a high purity hydrocarbon solvent for:

  • Industrial Use
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing or processing
  • Post-processing for botanical extracts
  • Organic synthesis
  • Propellant
  • Cleaner in aerospace, automotive, electronic & defense industries
  • Coatings


Are you looking for a highly versatile and practical solvent that can be used in various applications? At this point, look no further than 99% n-pentane! This colorless, flammable liquid has many uses across industries, such as pharmaceuticals, paints, coatings, and rocket fuel!

Manufacturers extract n-pentane from petroleum or natural gas. Being that n-pentane shows high volatility as a solvent with a low boiling point, making it useful for many applications where rapid evaporation is necessary. Also, the molecular structure makes it an excellent choice for extracting compounds insoluble in water.

One of the primary uses of 99% n-pentane includes producing polystyrene foam, which is used in packaging, insulation, and other applications. Additionally, it is used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry for extracting and purifying active compounds from natural sources. In addition, n-pentane is used to manufacture aerosol sprays, coatings, and adhesives.

As a matter of fact, another critical application of n-pentane is in the energy industry. Thus, it is used as a fuel in some types of internal combustion engines and in the production of rocket fuel. Further, its low boiling point and high volatility make it an ideal component for these applications.

Lastly, n-pentane is also popular for cleaning electronic components due to its fast-drying and non-conductive properties. Furthermore, n-heptane is used in the laboratory as a solvent for chromatography and other separation techniques.

Overall, whether you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, energy industry, or any other industry that requires a versatile and practical solvent, 99% n-pentane is an excellent choice. Undeniably, it’s low boiling point, high volatility, and non-conductive properties make it ideal for various applications.



Synthesis of Polymers

For instance, n-pentane helps produce polyethylene and other polymers.

Purification of Solvents

Next, n-pentane purifies solvents such as hexanes used in laboratory experiments.

Production of Resins

Additionally, n-pentane produces synthetic resins for adhesives and coatings.

Analysis of Fatty Acids

For one thing, n-pentane acts as a solvent to analyze fatty acids in food samples.

Cleaning Electronic Components

Also, N-pentane acts as a cleaning solvent for electronic components such as computer chips and circuit boards.

Production of Aerosols

Following, n-pentane works as a propellant and solvent in producing aerosol products such as hairspray and insect repellent.

Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals

N-pentane produces pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics and anti-fungals.

Extraction of Proteins

Further, n-pentane extracts and purifies proteins from biological samples.

Analysis of Polymers

Lastly, n-pentane helps analyze polymers in research and quality control.


Common Names
Normal pentane, n pentane, pure pentane, high purity pentane, n-pentane

Chemical Formula
Pounds per Gallon
Melting Point
-129.67 degrees C (-201.4 degrees F)
Boiling Point
36.06 degrees C (96.9 degrees F)
Flash Point
40.0 degrees C (104 degrees F)
Vapor Pressure
59.0 kPa (442.84 mmHg)


Risk factors

Flammable, dangerous fire risk. TLV: Do not exceed 120 ppm in air.

Hazard Statement

Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, and hot surfaces. No smoking. Keep container tightly closed. Ground/bond container and receiving equipment. Use explosion-proof electrical, ventilating, and lighting equipment. Use only non-sparking tools. Take precautionary measures against static discharge. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wear protective gloves and eye and face protection. IF ON SKIN (or hair): Remove immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Seek medical attention. If eye irritation persists: get medical attention. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Keep out of reach of children.

NFPA Hazard Classification

Health: 1 (Slight) Materials that, on exposure, would cause significant irritation, but only minor residual injury, including those requiring the use of an approved air-purifying respirator. These materials are only slightly hazardous to health and only breathing protection is needed. Flammability: 4 (Extreme) This degree includes flammable gases, flammable cryogenic materials, pyrophoric liquids, and Class IA flammable liquids. The preferred method of fire attack is to stop the flow of material or to protect exposures while allowing the fire to burn itself out. Instability: 0 (Minimal) This degree includes materials that are normally stable, even under fire exposure conditions, and that do not react with water. Normal fire fighting procedures may be used.

Signal Word
Environmentally Damaging
Category 2
Acute Aquatic Toxicity
Category 2
Flammable liquids
Category 2
Aspiration Toxicity
Category 1
Skin Corrosion / Irritation
Category 2
Eye Irritation
Category 2
Specific target organ toxicity (single exposure)
Category 3


n-Pentane UN Number – UN1206
Proper Shipping Name PENTANES
Hazard Class 3
Packing Group II

UN-No UN1206
Proper Shipping Name PENTANES
Hazard Class 3
Packing Group II

Proper Shipping Name PENTANES
Hazard Class 3
Packing Group II

Proper Shipping Name PENTANES
Hazard Class 3
Packing Group II
Marine pollutant: Yes

​Above all, due to DOT regulations, these drums & totes must be transported straight-up and safely tied down.

Lastly, please DO NOT transport the drum on its side as this is a highly flammable product and they can leak if transported horizontally.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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