Perfumer’s alcohol (SDA 40B) is an integral component in fragrance creation. As its name implies, ethanol manufacturers explicitly designed SDA 40B for use in perfumes, colognes, and other fragrances – specifically designed to prevent ingestion by consumers as a beverage. Our comprehensive guide on perfumer’s alcohol will cover its benefits, uses, and more – everything you need to know!

Discover the many uses and benefits of SDA 40B in this comprehensive guide from Simple Solvents. Learn how it can help create custom fragrances.

What Is Perfumer’s Alcohol?

SDA 40B is specially denatured (formula 40b or SDA 40B) and designed for use in fragrance making. Composed of ethanol and denaturants that help prevent consumption as beverages, this high-proof alcohol serves as a solvent to dissolve essential oils and aromatic compounds for fragrance products.

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An advantage to using SDA 40B in fragrance creation is its specific design for perfumes and colognes; therefore, its use will have less chance of altering the scent of your fragrance than other alcohols might do. This product won’t impact your fragrance in any way. Finally, it dries quickly, so your scent can develop rapidly.

How to Utilize Perfumer’s Alcohol

SDA 40B is typically used as a solvent to dissolve essential oils and aromatic compounds that compose fragrance. To use the perfumer’s alcohol effectively, combine essential oils and aromatic compounds with the SDA 40B and stir them until fully dissolved. This ratio may depend on the kind of fragrance. Use a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio as a general guideline. With that said, consult your fragrance manufacturer on best practices. Once fully dispersed, bottle and use according to preference.

Where Can I Purchase Perfumer’s Alcohol?

Simple Solvents is a leading provider of high-purity solvents, including Perfumer’s Alcohol. We offer Specially Denatured Ethanol SDA 40B in gallon, drum, tote, tanker, and railcar sizes. You can purchase SDA 40B directly from us by visiting our website or contacting our sales team. We also offer bulk orders that can convert to recurring supply agreements, which can be a cost-effective solution for your business. Additionally, we provide value by educating our customers on how to use, store, transport, recover, and dispose of our products. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Perfumer’s alcohol is an essential ingredient when it comes to fragrance creation. As high-proof alcohol designed for perfumers and other fragrance enthusiasts alike, SDA 40B provides neutral and pure results when creating perfumes and other fragrant substances. 

  • Fast-drying properties
  • Neutralization capabilities
  • Easily dissolves essential oils or aromatic compounds