Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol)

First, ethyl alcohol provides efficiency and sustainability as a solvent. Manufacturers utilize ethanol in pharmaceutical products, personal care items, fuel sources, and cleaning solutions, among many others.

Interestingly, ethanol dissolves various substances making it an excellent solvent in multiple industries. Furthermore, its production from renewable resources such as corn provides provides additional value as a solvent. Finally, its low toxicity makes ethanol a safer option than other solvents, which may harm both humans and the environment.

Ethanol Grades

As such, various grades and purities of ethanol are on the market, each offering specific uses and benefits. Manufacturers produce pharmaceutical-grade (USP) ethyl alcohol with high standards. Producers utilize ethanol to make medicines and other healthcare products. Additionally, manufacturers use food and beverage grade to manufacture food ingredients and beverage products. Industrial grade provides the least purity but offers versatility as an industrial chemical used to create fuels and more.

Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol includes additives to render it unfit for human consumption. Therefore, it avoids taxes and regulations placed upon pure ethyl alcohol. Two categories of denatured alcohol include specially denatured alcohol (SDA) and completely denatured alcohol (CDA).

SDA has been treated with a specific denaturant approved by the government. Manufacturers use SDA in cosmetics, perfumes, and other personal care products. On the other hand, CDA contains denaturants not meant for human consumption or personal care products and is thus used more frequently for fuels and industrial uses.

At its core, ethanol proves useful and renewable solvent with multiple uses and benefits. Simple Solvents offers different grades and purities to meet specific needs and uses.

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