ExtractCraft and Simple Solvents.
Food Grade Ethanol for Extraction.

Extract Botanical & Herbal Oils at Home!

With the ExtractCraft machine & Simple Solvents Food Grade Ethanol, home extraction is safe and easy.

Make RSO at home. Make FECO at home.

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The beauty of creating botanical oils, extracts, and concentrates with ExtractCraft & Simple Solvents is that you get all the good stuff from the plant, stress-free.

The ExtractCraft countertop ethanol extraction appliances work under vacuum at low temperatures. The use of quality food grade ethanol provided by Simple Solvents results in a clean & potent extract with a full spectrum of botanical benefits.


Botanical extraction is an art. We understand the need to control as many variables as possible. This leads to consistent extracts and the ability to experiment.

Simple Solvents 200 Proof ethanol is amongst the highest purity available on the market. USP / Food grade ethanol from Simple Solvents has been tested meeting pharmaceutical standards providing the quality and consistency complimentary to your ExtractCraft appliance.

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Special Discounts For ExtractCraft Users


ExtractCraft offers the only at-home extraction appliances in the world that are made simple, smart, safe, and efficient for all your extraction needs.​
Source Turbo Extraction Machine ExtractCraft


You cannot do better than the ExtractCraft Source Turbo Extractor for herbal extractions. The ExtractCraft Source Turbo allows you to make high-quality oil and concentrate extractions at home, simplifying the process and dramatically limiting costs.

​Whether you are creating extractions for at-home personal use or small-batch production, it will make your process more time-efficient and user-friendly.

etoh Pro rev extraction machine

EtOH Pro

The EtOH Pro simplifies the extraction process, taking the best technology on the market and making it even more user-friendly and a fantastic choice for small businesses, experienced extractors and novices alike.

Whether you plan to extract for cooking, essential oils, or any other purpose, the ExtractCraft EtOH Pro has the capacity and reliability to get all your herbal extraction jobs done the safest and cleanest way.


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Our community is full of people who care about helping you throughout your extraction journey. Home extraction is no simple task, but it is much easier with the help of a community full of support.

200 Proof USP and Food Grade Ethanol for Extraction

Simple Solvents 200-proof ethanol has a significant advantage – it is exceptionally pure. With no water content, it reduces the risk of water contamination in your final extract. No water makes the finished extract safer since moisture can cause mold and other issues. Our anhydrous (water-free) ethanol ensures an efficient and safe extraction process, producing a higher-quality concentrate with enhanced flavors and aromas.

Our ethanol is carefully produced and rigorously tested to meet USP and food-grade standards, guaranteeing its purity and safety for extraction purposes. You can have peace of mind knowing you’re using an exceptional solvent for your extraction machine at home.

Simple Solvents prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. Home extractors require a solvent that is pure and safe yet easily accessible – thanks to our user-friendly website and nationwide shipping, accessing 200-proof ethanol is simple and hassle-free – Simple Solvents promises prompt delivery at your doorstep!

Simple Solvents’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures you can count on us for top-quality home extraction products like their ExtractCraft-specific ethanol to deliver excellent performance and outstanding results. When you choose Simple Solvents for home extraction needs, you invest in top-of-the-line products like our ExtractCraft ethanol and in us as a company!

Elevate your home extraction game with Simple Solvents. Rely on our 200-proof USP and food-grade ethanol to provide purity, safety, and convenience when extracting premium extracts – start creating premium extracts knowing you’re using one of the finest solvents available on the market!

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