“Complex Chemicals. Simple Solutions.” That’s our motto.

The chemical industry was thrown into chaos during the COVID-19 pandemic. With quality alcohol being allocated towards sanitizer/antiseptic/disinfectant products, it caused a “gold rush” of brokers trying to monetize the opportunity, leaving hemp and cannabis companies with the all too familiar feeling of being ignored or underserved with a flood of inferior product.

Midwest Renewable Energy will be branding their blend of high purity ethyl alcohol for extraction or CDA-12A as Simple Solvents. CDA-12A is the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau formula for ethanol completely denatured with heptane at a rate of 5% (rendering it unfit to drink). This specific formula allows for extraction companies to avoid the $27.00/gallon excise tax on pure, undenatured 200 proof ethanol.

Ceres 14 Inc. owns the SIMPLE SOLVENTS brand. Besides ethanol, Simple Solvents offers n-pentane, n-heptane, n-hexane, isopropyl alcohol, lab cleaning products and more… a one-stop solution for all chemicals needed in the botanical extraction industry.

Jim Jandrain, Chairman at Midwest Renewable Energy (MRE), says “MRE is proud to partner with Ceres 14 in producing Simple Solvents. Ceres 14’s focus on customer service, transparency, and expertise in the cannabis industry will be a tremendous complement to MRE’s ability to cost effectively manufacture a diverse array of quality ethanol products. It is exactly what the cannabis industry needs.” Christine Jandrain, Director of Marketing & Sales for MRE, speaks highly of Ceres 14; “We at MRE are excited to collaborate with such a dedicated group in order to provide a high quality product with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.”

When asked why Ceres 14 chose MRE, Chief Visionary Officer, Christopher Bentley, laughed a bit and said “because it’s where the freight team wanted the facility to be”. He continued “But honestly, the entire team at MRE is a fantastic group and our mindsets are aligned when it comes to success and integrity. MRE is situated farther west than any other ethanol plant in the corn belt, and they have a remarkable product. This ultimately allows us to service our clientele quickly, cost effectively while providing a superior product which is a win/win for all involved.”

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